This is not your ordinary mindfulness....

Mindfulness expert, STEPHANIE NASH, who has worked with Harvard Medical School & Carnegie Mellon on a brain study and a stress-reduction study, has designed this unique and engaging introduction to mindfulness program which shares the power of mindfulness - and specifically the impressive & flexible Unified Mindfulness system which delves into all aspects of what you See, Hear, and Feel - our entire sensory experience.

Benefits of long-term and short-term practice are presented - as well as ways to optimize what you will learn here in practical ways in your daily life. 

You can learn to apply mindfulness skills to any activity - increasing your performance and fulfillment.

Meditation basics like helpful sitting posture, and how to find optimal times in your day to practice are also covered.

Offered as a 5-week course (which you can complete at your own pace), each lesson offers 1-2 new techniques designed to help you strengthen your concentration, sensory clarity and ability to relax in stressful situations.

At the end of this course, you should have a good understanding of what mindfulness is - and can be - and how it can increase your quality of life, and how to integrate it into your life.

Join Steph for this unique introduction to mindfulness which includes formal sitting practice - as well as integrating mindfulness into your daily life.




Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Thinkific video describing the course layout

  • 2




  • 3


  • 4


    • RELEASE & UNPLUG - 25 min.

    • CHECKING IN ...

  • 5


    • The Importance of Relaxation

    • DEEP RELAXATION thru the BODY - 16 min.

    • ELONGATE BREATH to DE-STRESS - 11 min.

    • CHECKING IN ...

  • 6


    • BODY NOTING MEDITATION for Grounding & Concentration - 10.5 min.

    • CHECKING IN ...

  • 7

    GAINING CLARITY of the OUTER WORLD (Sights, Sounds & Touches)

    • FOCUS OUT - Complete Explanation - 17 min.

    • FOCUS OUT - Practice Version - 10.5 min.

    • CHECKING IN ...

  • 8


    • PUPPY MEDITATION ... (without the puppy) - 7.5 min.

    • The POWER of GRATITUDE - 23 min.


  • 9

    Congrats! What’s next?

    • WHAT NOW?

    • A LAST CHECK IN ...before you go.

Yes, I'd like to learn mindfulness - with all these practical applications!




About the instructor - Stephanie Nash

Mindfulness Expert, Coach & Speaker, Body Language Expert

Stephanie Nash

MINDFULNESS EXPERT: Stephanie Nash is a senior teacher (and a supervisor of the teacher training) of the unique & innovative Unified Mindfulness system developed by Shinzen Young.  This system was used at Carnegie Mellon for a stress-reduction study & Harvard Medical school for brain research and this mindfulness system proved to be uniquely effective and adaptable - leading to more strategic possibilities. Stephanie designed & taught  the mindfulness program for part 2 of the Harvard brain study.BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT: Stephanie also has experience with various healing & physical modalities to help client embody the change they are desiring.  Steph also has expertise in how body language affects thoughts & feelings (and has repeatedly taught a course on this at UCLArts & Healing.) Steph also has a degree in psychology from Duke University, and an MFA from the renowned Yale School of Drama, and brings those psychological, emotional, and physical skills she learned there  into her work. LAUGH-FOR-INNER-FITNESS:  Steph was a guest Laughing Meditation expert on a Deepak Chopra show where she shared her unique work with utilizing laughter in practical ways to shift thoughts & feelings out of stuck negative habit patterns.  With her Laugh For Inner FItness program, she helps people instantly access the special energy that endorphins can supply to increase well-being.  So with the ability to combine expertise of body and of mind, Stephanie's development of Strategic Mindfulness gives it unique advantages in terms of options for most effective delivery systems - and maximum ease and performance.




What other say about working with Stephanie:

"This was my first time meditating and I am so glad that I happened to find Stephanie who presents this oh-so-rich form of mindfulness in an oh-so-fun way.  I have now integrated a daily practice into my life and my spouse, family & friends have all commented on how much more relaxed & present I am.  

I'm just going to keep on signing up for every class Steph teaches as I think it's making me a better person - and all I know is that I'm enjoying my life so much more.  It's like having a vacation available in each moment. Thanks, Steph"

"Very refreshing and has been surprisingly effective.

"Very well thought, effective techniques, and high quality audio. Thank you Stephanie for the great quality of this helpful course!"

"Let me begin from a place of gratitude. Throughout the course we were exposed to several approaches to mindful self-awareness — tuning into our breath, to relaxation, to the physical environment around us. Stephanie spoke to us in such vivid and powerful language -- yet with a light easy touch, helping us to understand how through mindful meditation, we can in a very real way, empower ourselves to be more present & clear - cutting through what I now realize was often a distorted perspective.  I can't begin to describe the grounded freedom. "

"Fabulous course. very practical and useful."

Try it. You'll like it.  Be more present, focused & relaxed.




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