Enjoy 5 special meditations to help you feel good right now. 

Mindfulness Expert, Stephanie Nash, who has worked with Harvard Medical School & Carnegie Mellon on a brain study and a stress reduction study, here, offers 5 of her "greatest hits."

Each meditation offers an effective strategy that you could do at any moment of your day for more ease and well-being during these challenging times.

You will deeply relax, turn off your thinking mind, tune into pleasant, playfully laugh, flow with compassion and cultivate gratitude. Plus there are 3 bonus meditations!  

So whether you are opening your heart or chilling body & mind, you'll have options to feel better right now.  Feeling good is not over-rated. :)

Yeah, I'd like to be able to feel better in any given moment.

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What's included?

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Stephanie Nash
Stephanie Nash
Mindfulness Expert, Coach & Speaker, Body Language Expert

About the instructor

MINDFULNESS EXPERT: Stephanie Nash is a senior teacher (and a supervisor of the teacher training) of the unique & innovative Unified Mindfulness system developed by Shinzen Young.  This system was used at Carnegie Mellon for a stress-reduction study & Harvard Medical school for brain research and this mindfulness system proved to be uniquely effective and adaptable - leading to more strategic possibilities. Stephanie designed & taught  the mindfulness program for part 2 of the Harvard brain study.

BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT: Stephanie also has experience with various healing & physical modalities to help client embody the change they are desiring.  Steph also has expertise in how body language affects thoughts & feelings (and has repeatedly taught a course on this at UCLArts & Healing.) Steph also has a degree in psychology from Duke University, and an MFA from the renowned Yale School of Drama, and brings those psychological, emotional, and physical skills she learned there  into her work. 

MINDFUL EATING:  Everyone has lost control of their eating upon occasion, but for some, the issue can become a obstacle to health & happiness.  Through her years of leading  Mindful Eating (sometimes called Conscious Eating) workshops, in person and via phone or skype (with participants in their own kitchens), Stephanie has developed many unique strategies, techniques, and fun perspectives to help people "rewire" their relationship to food - that goes beyond eating to preparing and even shopping.  Stephanie has led programs through the Unified Mindfulness Home Practice Program, Vipassana Support International Retreats, Mindfulness Arts of AIWP, Strategic Mindfulness in Santa Monica, CA. - and for organizations like Catholic Charities of LA, All Saints Church, and various hospitals, women's groups, and health organizations.

LAUGH-FOR-INNER-FITNESS:  Steph was a guest Laughing Meditation expert on a Deepak Chopra show where she shared her unique work with utilizing laughter in practical ways to shift thoughts & feelings out of stuck negative habit patterns.  With her Laugh For Inner FItness program, she helps people instantly access the special energy that endorphins can supply to increase well-being.  

So with the ability to combine expertise of body and of mind, Stephanie's development of Strategic Mindfulness gives it unique advantages in terms of options for most effective delivery systems - and maximum ease and performance.


You could be feeling better right now.

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